Return Policy

After receiving the goods and paying, you are entitled to co-check the product with the delivery staff. No testing is supported.
Please open the package to check to ensure that the order is delivered in the correct model and quantity as the order placed. Customers can attribute the video as a base. Do not try or try the product.
After agreeing with the delivered item, you sign with the delivery staff (in case the order is shipped COD) and receive the goods.

In case you find that the product is not the right type, quantity, broken, damaged, you immediately contact the customer service department, can refuse to receive the goods, follow the return process.

– When you check the order, the forwarder is forced to wait for you to check the goods inside the package. In case the staff refuses to let you inspect the goods, please contact us immediately at the hotline number for resolution

– Please avoid using sharp objects to open the package to avoid causing damage to the product inside. For cases where the product is damaged due to the fault of the Customer, we will not support return in this case.


1. Conditions for exchange and return:

In order to take care of and ensure the interests of customers, we are ready to exchange and return goods. Cabay Joint Stock Company will exchange and return goods in the following cases:
- The product can only be returned if it breaks during transportation or is defective due to the manufacturer.
- Products delivered in the wrong size and type that customers have ordered
- The product has a technical defect due to the manufacturer

The conditions that the returned goods need to meet:
- Packaging, products are intact.
- Unused products.

2. Time of exchange and return:

Time to exchange and return goods within 30 days from the date of receipt of the customer's official complaint.

Return method:

Step 1: Contact us via hotline or email when you are not satisfied with our products (attach photos, videos showing the current status of the product)
Hotline: (+84) 902 801 725

Step 2: We will respond and process your request at the time of receiving the information and during office hours.

Step 3: If your request is approved, we will arrange the shipping service ourselves to the delivery address on the Invoice to receive the goods.

Step 4: Please pack carefully to ensure that the quality of the product is not affected during transportation.

Method of return or exchange of purchased goods:

Will exchange for another similar product or refund if customer wants to receive it back.

How to get a refund:
We will refund the goods according to the method paid by the customer or according to the customer's specific request at that time.

Cost of refund: We will cover related costs if the return is defective to the manufacturer and breaks during shipping.

All return costs belonging to the needs and desires of customers do not fall into the above 3 reasons, relevant costs such as: Shipping costs, bank fees ... will be paid by the customer.